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The Gemstone Golems

In the sandy desert of the South of Oz live the Gemstone Golems. This race lives in large cave systems that open up to the orange seas. Born from magic and earth the race is androgynous. Each golem is crudely cut from a gemstone or crystal giving them a jagged sharp body. They have small holes that house magical eyes. Likewise, they have a large gash in their lower face acting as a mouth which allows them to feed and talk. Copying the form of humans, they have arms, legs, and fingers, but no toes. The crystal they are made of becomes flexible with magic allowing joint like movement.

These seven-foot-tall humanoids tower over the tiny inhabitants of the East and West. With no one to socialize with on top of the dunes and animosity out of the sands, the Gemstone Golems turned to the ground. There they mined and hid, separated from other races. In the dark their bodies shine, which gave them solace in their isolation. It was quickly decided that they wanted their people to shine as their bodies did. The miners would become crafters. They forged glittering cities of gems, gleaming artifacts of gold, and gorgeous murals of gold. The rare adventurer that stumbled upon the subterranean splendors marveled at their arts. Eventually, strangers became more and more common until a new visitor showed up each month.

The rich and powerful travelers came to ask for the Golems help. They wanted their own cities to be that of gems, they wanted artifacts of gemstone, they wanted the Golems to emerge. As they crafted emerald cities and laid golden roads the Gemstone Golems were welcomed into the world. Their welcome was short lifted once news of forbidden glittering artifacts reached the ears of the four witches. The witch of the South sought out their systems. She slaughtered their citizens in search of the forbidden artifacts. The race, sparse before, became rare. Only a few artifacts were recovered before the race’s second hiding. Now the Gemstone Golems hide deep in the earth; few ever explore the surface.

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