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Sea of Teeth

“I’ve been a sailor for over fifty years! The officials are idiots; the fish are right there easier to catch than ever! All you need is a little meat! We don’t need those old fish anymore, biological weapons my ass, these are a blessing!”

“Captain, these fish, they eat anything that moves. Including each other. But they breed faster than they can eat. I don’t think the boat will be able to take it, there have already been ships breached and devoured!”

“Are you suggesting you know my ship better than me, Rogers? She’s been through worse than any fish could dream to match. Rogers, I want you off my ship. In fact, if any of you sorry excuses for sailors believe these stories of mutations, disappearances, or breaches, then I want your gullible asses of my ship! If I hear someone doubt me, or my ship again they’ll be thrown overboard as chum! Do I make myself clear?”

Through fear of their captain or greed for their largest haul, few crew left the ship. The remaining sailors readied themselves. After all, Captain Faust’s Orca was boastingly tough enough to survive another encounter with a whale. Fully stocked the industrial fisher headed to an old tuna spot, where the nets could drag along, in the newly named Sea of Teeth.

The journey was a tense one, the ocean itself seemed foreign to the sailors. There were no seagulls, no waves, no noise other than the motor. The only change from the mechanical hum was the occasional break in the water by a silver bodied fish. Once the old tuna spot was reached the crew scrambled to their positions eager to fill their holds. The chainlink nets were laced with rotten meat while the waters were chummed with buckets of blood. After the blood settled the waters erupted in activity. When the nets were dropped into the ocean they were swiftly pulled and tugged deeper by the fish. Chuckling with excitement Faust ordered the engine shut off he wanted to savor the wet sound of fish filling the Orca. The water was alive with crimson, foam, and silver as the fish fought over the rotten scraps in a bloodlust. So many swarmed the waters that there was a rapid thumping against the hull. Faust smiled at the sight of the water.

“Raise the nets!”

As the chainlink nets raised into the air Faust grinned in triumph as the man-sized fish could not chew their way out. “Excellent. Fill the holds then drop it back down! We don’t leave until the ship is brimming in silver!”

As more and more fish were dropped into holds the rapid THUMP, THUMP, THUMP against the ship never lessened. Once the ship was fully loaded and silvery cargo locked in Faust looked over the side. The sea was just as active as when they started. When he looked back to his crew, he declared they would return to port then return tomorrow. As the ship began moving, excitement turned to terror as all the fish turned to the boat in their bloodied fury. The hull was smashed with teeth and flesh as all the fish wanted a piece of the biggest prey. The ship began to rock as the idle thumping became heavy slams.

Faust looked to his crew just as stunned as he was. He looked back over the edge and only saw white. Noticeably the ship began to rise. Quickly turning to the helm he screamed, “Get us out of here! Now!” The helmsman shifting to full power made no difference, the ship had become beached on an island of white. Any new orders were drowned out by an echoing groan which was quickly followed by the sound of rushing water.

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