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You are reading through my mythology and folklore creatures research. Though there are only a handful I wrote about so far, there are over 4,500 that I am researching. Visit here again soon as the list of articles below will grow. As there are more I will also add in tag filtering so it's easier to narrow doewn your reading based on your interests.
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Joint Eater

Other names (a.k.a): Alp-Luachra, Art-Luachra, Airc-Luachra, Doichi-Luachair, Just-halver, mankeeper, Darklooker
Location: Irish streams, creeks, rivers, and wet grasses
The Alp-Luachra, more easily remembered as the Joint Eater, is a parasitic Celtic faerie that lives throughout Ireland. In some legends, they have been described as small humanoids, but the most popular description is that of a small green newt. Joint Eaters act like newts, for most intents and purposes,...

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Slide Rock Bolter

Location: Colorado Mountains in areas with an incline of at least 45 degrees
The Rocky Mountains in Colorado are home to Slide Rock Bolters, whale-sized creatures who destroy or consume whatever is in their way. Roughly eighty feet long and twenty wide,  they perplex hunters and locals by being Colorado’s most evasive cryptid. Slide Rock Bolters are described as giant,...

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Other names (a.k.a): Grote slang, great snake of the orange river
Location: South Africa (Richtersveld cave system)
After the world was created the gods decided to create life. One of the first was the Grootslang, a half elephant half snake creature. Eager and inexperienced, the gods freely gave gifts and powers to the species. Most notable of these numerous gifts were cunning, intelligence, and strength. Shortly...

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Other names (a.k.a): aswang, abat, boruka, and aswang na lupad
Location: Philippines, most prominent in Capiz
The manananggal is one of the most terrifying monsters of the Philippines. There the natives claim it to be an aswang. Convincingly the manananggal shares most of the traits of an aswang, a subclass of Filipino monsters; most strikingly a human-flesh diet, method of reproduction, a metamorphosis,...

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