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Pumpkin Patch Poacher


Pumpkin Patch Poacher paced.


Problematic Pariah. 

Pulled Pumpkin Patch Poacher's patch pumpkins. 

Pumpkin Patch Poacher’s plump palatable pumpkins.

Pariah pitilessly pummeled Pumpkin Patch Poacher's prized possessions.

Pumpkin pith pooled profligately.

Pumpkin Patch Poacher’s prideful pacifism painfully perished.

Pariah poaching Pumpkin Patch Poacher’s prized pumpkins, 



Pariah pummeling Pumpkin Patch Poacher’s prized pumpkins?




Pumpkin Patch Poacher perturbedly pondered Pariah's punishment.

Pariah perceived Pumpkin Patch Poacher's projected passion.

Pivotally, Pariah paused puzzled.

Post perceptible pursuit Pariah proceeded palming plump pumpkins.

Pumpkin Patch Poacher's passion plicated.

Pariah's prevailing punishment?

Poetic Pulverization.

Posthaste Pumpkin Patch Poacher pounced para-Pariah, performing promised penalties.

Publishers photographed Pumpkin Patch Poacher's patch.

Police politely packed Pariah's parts.

Pariah pummeled pumpkins,

Pumpkin Patch Poacher pummeled Pariah.

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