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Questions that will forge friendships

Where’s the bathroom?
No, people wouldn’t think it was a joke.

Do helicopters envy planes?
Too strange.

Why do I dislike cuttlefish?
Doesn’t feel right, but definitely closer.

What does a fish think when it first sees the sun before being dropped onto the deck?
Too long, but on the right track!

To be or not to be is a question, right?
I don’t think they’d like this one.

Why do I feel pain in colors?
Way too morbid.

Would I rather amputate my leg or arm?
Still too morbid.

How do I cook food without burning it?

Should the moon kill the tides?
It might work.

If I fall in the forest will the trees laugh at me?
A popular kid might say this!

Could we reverse engineer oil to become a dinosaur?
This is it! Smart, original, and easily understood!

I just got confused glances. No one seemed to like them.
Is it me or them?
Am I that different?
Maybe I’d be best trying somewhere else.

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