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A Pearl

A pearl submerged in the student sea,

Benevolent, beautiful, and bold. Discovered one day on my way to,


Desire bubbled within me,

Enough for me to wonder for the,

First time, if this is love?

Guided by guile and butterflies I planned to meet her next morning,

Hoping for the world.

I sat at her table Uno, and fear in hand.

Jaded, then discouraged, I watched her approach,and leave. I,

Knew I messed up when I didn't see her again in the mornings.

Later, months later, I eventually scavenged enough courage to,

Meet her in the halls. After earning the right,

Now I could greet her in passings. However, it was short lived. I forgot that,

Optimism is a fool’s best friend. Our spare crossings of fate were,

Plagued by silence, while I would speak, she would not. A,

Query I wanted buried and abandoned,

Rapidly I solved.

Sadly, she did not want to speak to me.

The temptations to share or learn never died,

Unlike our conversations, and crossings.

Vainly I continued to try turning nothing into something. All,

While the chances of romance continued to rot.

Xanadu remained out of reach. Eventually comforted, I was told how my,

Youth’s love was far from the real thing. That,

Zion was still within reach; I would just have to find my pearl.

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